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This site is dedicated to helping you find your life’s purpose

We don’t understand fully what purpose is because we don’t fully understand the mystery knowledge that has survived down the ages. Why is this? Because it is hidden. Why is it hidden? Because it is waiting for human beings to begin the search for life’s purpose. The key word here is ‘search’ which entails effort. 

If God held truth in one hand and the striving after truth in the other, I would choose striving after truth. Lessing

The Mysteries of Eternity are now being revealed to many more people; those who are willing to apply themselves to the Quest.

In the past the mysteries were for the chosen few; in fact what is taught to our young children was taught only in mystery schools a mere 2,000 years ago.

Mankind has come of age: this website is dedicated to striving for TRUTH – we are each capable of unlocking the secrets ourselves. It is the striving that energizes us and enables us to think clearly.

Modern Initiation is about awakening our higher consciousness through our own inner striving. In ancient initiation an initiator was required.

This website uses the word esoteric because it refers to the inner meaning, the information that can be found beneath the surface if we only look and then think energetically. [Greek esterikos, from ester, comparative of es, within – inner.]

The highest wisdom is called occult because it only appears when a man brings his own light to meet it. [Latin occultus (ptp. of occulere to hide from view, cover up)- hidden.]


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