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January 6 is Epiphany. It is good to remind ourselves of the esoteric meaning of this important day.

Epiphany was an event, an act, in the physical world with Cosmic consequences. It gives us an outline of the vast journey we all must make from contemporary consciousness to spiritual consciousness. Every step of the way we have to break through superficial thoughts to get to the hidden (esoteric) idea that lies just beneath the surface. It is an exciting treasure hunt.

If we are to try to make sense of contemporary religious consciousness we need some more detail in the picture. Experiencing the truth of this is not easy.

In all my writing I work from the following perspective. Jesus was the highly purified human who was able to receive into himself the Cosmic Christ. Jesus was prepared in two ways; part of his being journeyed through many incarnations to reach the required earthly purity, the other part of his being was endowed with pure, heavenly human forces that were held back at the fall. Only a human with this level of purity could hold the power of Christ within its being.

At the baptism, which we celebrate at Epiphany, Jesus was the first human being to receive into himself his own I Am. Prior to that, the only way to experience our I Am was to be initiated in the temple by being taken out of our body to connect with the I Am in the spiritual worlds. It is an important point that Jesus received his own I Am, that eternal part of himself that guides each incarnation. Until he did this he could not receive Christ into himself. So the journey from the baptism to Golgotha is the story of how human beings can connect with their I Am to the point where the Christ Impulse can resurrect within them.

Our I Am, our eternal individuality, for the most part is outside us. Since Golgotha, Christ is within us, seed-like, a dormant flame, waiting for us to fan it into life. Through thinking we connect with our I Am, drawing it down into our being so that it becomes the fan to awaken the flame of the Christ Impulse within us. When our I Am and Christ work as one, then we can say that the I Am is Christ – for there can be no separation. However, this reuniting with the spiritual does not pull us back into a homogenous glob as we were in the beginning before the fall, now we are self-realized individuals and co-workers with Christ, and in fact with the Trinity.

In one sense the church is right to say that Christ and God are inaccessible, but at the same time they are saying that we don’t have the ability to access them. Rudolf Steiner said that we do – through our thinking, through our consciousness. I have written a book called I Connecting describing this process. It doesn’t talk about Christ because he has had a lot of bad press, but when people begin to experience their I Am this will fan the flame within them and they will experience their inner Christ. When we experience the Christ Impulse within us we then recognize it everywhere, in nature, in each person we meet and in the Universe.

Art: Baptism by Leonardo Da Vinci

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  1. William Slivinski

    Clarity for individual discovery work, and uplifting and feeing to release into new beginning questions and discoveries through addressing the challenges both I beingness and we beingness a space to exchange what the gift opportunities were a bit awkward to express but know that a gift awates expression. Heartfelt experience.Sincerely,William

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