The Crucifixion Birth – Good Friday

“Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.” Luke 23:46
Now, as the mighty Christ Being completes the process of occupying the body of Jesus, this Being makes the ultimate sacrifice. Crying out loudly he says to his progenitor, his Father, which can be his eternal I Am, his True Self, ‘I give myself to you.’
Commend or commit in Greek is paratithemi from para, a verb meaning going or coming, bringing etc.; and tithemi from which we have the word tithe, which essentially means to set, like ‘to set aside’. It is used of a mother bearing a child, she sets herself aside for the life of her offspring. So, in this context Christ set aside all that he accomplished as a gift to the Universe.
Can we say that we are prepared to give up a prize that we worked so hard to win? We only win this prize when we have learned to love in the highest way – agape, which is the Greek word for the highest, selfless love. Can we say that our love is non-conditional? Can we stand aside from any reason we may have to love someone, to simply love them unconditionally? If we can, we are a gift to the Universe, as Christ was the greatest Gift to the Universe.
“’Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.’ Here Christ-Jesus is seen, not only as the Light of the world, but as the Being Who makes the offering of supreme self-surrender; the Being Who is all-comprising without losing His own identity; Who in that He is capable of the uttermost sacrifice, of the greatest imaginable self-surrender, is the very fount of Compassion and Love; Whose warmth streams through the life of men and of the earth now and in all ages of time to come.” Rudolf Steiner 2 November, 1909
Now we can commit to setting ourselves aside unconditionally for the evolution of consciousness. How do we do this? By understanding the mysteries so that they become a life-giving power within us.
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From my book Secrets of the Christian Festivals…/dp/B08D6CPL8D

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