Sixth Sunday of Lent – Palm Sunday

“It is finished.” John 19:30

The word finish is confusing because it usually means the end. We would then ask what ended? The life of Jesus? Perhaps. If we take a closer look at this word ‘finish’ we see that the Greek word is “tetelestai” which is also translated “It is accomplished”, or “It is complete”.

What did the Christ-ened Jesus actually accomplish on the cross? What was completed?

The accomplishment was the entry of the Cosmic Christ into the body of Jesus and as the blood flowed into the earth, the earth became Christ’s physical body. Do we think of this every time we walk on it, dig it, eat the food it produces? We should.

“When you behold the cornfield and then eat the bread that nourishes you, what in reality is this bread which you are eating? You are eating My body. And when you drink of the plant sap, it is like the blood in your own body; it is the blood of the earth — My Blood!” — These were the very words that Christ-Jesus spoke to His most intimate disciples and we must take them very literally.” Rudolf Steiner, Gospel of John, Lecture VII, The Mystery of Golgotha

From my book Secrets of the Christian Festivals

Art: Metamorphosis by Iris Yves

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