The Detail about the Devil

It is all too easy to be critical of the many bad things that take place in the world today. How are we to make sense of the barbaric cruelty, the corporate fraud and the anger that is everywhere expressed? Are human beings really capable of damaging each other to... Read More

Preparing for Michaelmas – September 29

Michael Prayer ‘Let us then set to work to discipline our will, let us endeavour to awaken within us each morning and each evening.’ In the Morning O Michael, Under your protection I place myself, With your guidance I connect myself, Wholeheartedly, So that this day becomes an image Of... Read More

The Christ Power is the point and purpose

”The object of spiritual science, and of all that can be acquired as spirit-seed by spiritual teachings, is to enable us to comprehend the Christ Power. One cannot say that Anthroposophy is Christianity, but one can say that what has been given to man and to the earth by the... Read More

Preparing for Michaelmas

Archangel Michael remained steadfast within the divine spiritual will and received the impulse to deal adequately with the spirit that grasped at freedom prematurely. Michael power arises in us when thoughts about spirit thrill us, electrocute us and change us forever. The dragon is fed by abstract thoughts. Michael power... Read More

Holy Night 9 applied to September

January 1-2 – Virgo Now come the three nights of the crown. Release from the only intellectual, or release of the intellect from its earthly bonds and purposefulness. This is the thrice-holy night, in which the lower ego falls away and only the desire to serve, to devote oneself remains.... Read More

Michaelmas Preparation

“Michael is a being who reveals nothing if we ourselves do not bring Him something from our diligent spiritual work on Earth. Michael is a silent Spirit — silent and reserved.” January 13, 1924 Archangel Michael by David Newbatt

Michaelmas Preparation

The Michael Imagination is Globalisation “Through Michael we must strive to find Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus the divine leader of the whole human race. This means that we must seek for feelings and ideas which do not make human distinctions of any kind. No race or creed has any bearing... Read More

Revelation – Seven Trumpets

The last book in the Bible, The Revelation of John, reveals many secrets about human development. If we apply the principles given to us by Rudolf Steiner it will give us a great insight into who we are and what our purpose is. The first angel blew his trumpet, and... Read More
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