Mystery of Golgotha in Us

As we prepare for Lent which begins on Ash Wednesday, 26th February, it is good to think about its connection to our own spiritual development. The Mystery of Golgotha is an awesome mystery. Many of us have been trying to understand it for years and we still must admit that... Read More

What is Behind Criminal Activity?

What is Behind Criminal Activity? I have often wondered what exists in the soul of the criminal that leads him or her to act in this way. In this badly transcribed lecture, Steiner explains that their thoughts run ahead of them and they incarnate too early. This means that the... Read More

Book of Revelation – Guidance for Life

The Book of Revelation can guide us through troubling times. It helps us find a peaceful place within ourselves to observe what is really happening. Life on earth is specifically planned to assist human beings to become god beings. Revelation assists us to manage the changes. Then I saw another... Read More

Holy Night 2 for February

December 25-26 – Aquarius Night of John. The Eagle of the soul circling high on its wings and looking back from a great height, observes its own life. And now the man recognizes the Laws of Karma. The Mystery: Choosing the narrow and difficult path or the path that is... Read More

The War – within or without?

The last book in the Bible, Revelation, can speak to us in many different ways. One way is to apply its concepts to our developing spiritual consciousness. This is what I wrote in my book The Soul’s Secret Unveiled in the Book of Revelation “The number of the troops of... Read More


Eternity – what does it mean to us as we live our daily lives? Our karma focuses our attention minute by minute but what if we could see our lives in terms of eternity?   These words published in a tiny book of daily readings or prayers spoke to me... Read More

Holy Night 13

Now we take our final Holy Night step. The last 12 steps which we have taken each day can become the theme for each month of the year ahead until we reach the renewal of our being at Christmas. This night, on the eve of Epiphany is a thirteenth step.... Read More

Holy Night 12

January 4-5 – Sagittarius During the 12th night the crowns won are placed at the feet of the divine, because we have struggled against ourselves, but what we have wrung from it is grace, is the law of the spirit. Because grace is a stream from a source that a... Read More
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