Advent 2018 Week 3

As we step into the third week of Advent, we can turn our attention to the third aspect of our soul, the will. Will is the least understood of our three soul faculties because it is a work in progress. Our task is to bring it into a conscious state... Read More

Advent 2018 Week 2

Advent gives us the opportunity to journey through our soul and become aware of its awakening. How often are we aware that our soul’s activity is habitual? The same feelings arise when we face certain situations, we think the same thoughts day in day out, and we act in predictable... Read More

Advent 2018 Week 1

“Inner Advent is a time of inner review and reflection. The soul reviews its thoughts, feelings, deeds and moral development as they occurred and unfolded during the year. Inner Advent brings the gift of a conscious closing to the soul’s year. Following this review, the soul is prepared to experience... Read More

How to tell if you are dead or alive

The last book in the Bible is an extraordinary document. Mystifying to those who cannot unlock the simple code in which it is written. I studied it in detail and wrote about it for 3 years and it changed me. Here is a snippet. “And to the angel of the... Read More

How to Manage True Clairvoyance

Many people are becoming more clairvoyant. This is primarily because their astral and etheric bodies are loosening. During this process we enter into the spiritual worlds which surround us and penetrates us. It is very important to become aware of this, to be conscious of what is happening so that... Read More

How do we show our gratitude for life on this earth?

How often do we stop and think about our true relationship to this earth and all that it contains? We know that we cannot live without oxygen and without the nourishment provided to us by the mineral (physical), plant (etheric), and animal (astral) kingdoms. For this reason, we should experience... Read More
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