Holy Night 5 applied to May

December 28-29 – Taurus Consciously purify the body of thought. Discipline thinking. Concentrating on the positive. Converting the black doves of thought into white doves, because our thinking is, until it is not consciously conducted with discipline, like a dovecote! Keep this dovecote closed against foreign, negative thoughts. Mystery: The... Read More

Seventh Sunday – Easter April 21, 2019

May the purpose and power of Easter continue to grow within you. Rudolf Steiner said this about the I AM almost a Century ago. “I gaze into the Darkness. In it there arises Light — Living Light! Who is this Light in the Darkness? It is I myself in my... Read More

Seal One – The White Horse

To explore the first seal in The Revelation takes commitment. To read the text and apply it in our lives each day will reveal personal meanings. I have written a lot about the seals in my book on The Revelation. Here is an important idea about the first seal. “Now... Read More

Sixth Sunday – Palm Sunday 14th April, 2019

The story of human evolution must always be applied to our consciousness. So what is the story of the evolution of consciousness? Before we had access to our ‘I’ we didn’t think within ourselves, our thoughts came to us as inspirations from the spiritual worlds. Even though we have received... Read More

Fifth Sunday of Lent 7 April, 2019

If Golgotha is to become real for us we must experience the birth of the human ‘I’ into the physical, followed by death of the human ‘I’ to the physical. We experience the birth when we experience our innate selfishness. We experience the death when we experience other people as... Read More

Fourth Sunday of Lent 31 March, 2019

There is much to learn about the individualization we go through to be able to know ourselves and become fully I-beings, fully individual. For one thing, it just so happens that the only place we can have this experience of being separate, individual beings is in a place where there... Read More

Third Sunday of Lent 24 March, 2019

We are born into the physical world, life after life we work to fully incarnate our I-consciousness, our true individuality. This is a work that depends not only on our own efforts but on the evolution of the human race in general. When conditions are right, and we are able... Read More
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