Imbued with Christ

It is so important for us to understand the Christ being. Many religions misrepresent him, making it harder for us to come to a true understanding of this magnificent being. And, he needs our help as Rudolf Steiner explains in this lecture published in The Sun Mystery and the Mystery... Read More

Holy Night 11 applied to November

The 12 Holy Nights sow a seed for our progress through the year ahead. Our sole purpose on this earth is to become aware our I Am, our True Self. By applying each of the 12 Holy Nights to each of the 12 months throughout the year we come closer... Read More

The Source of the Human Form

Why do we have this human form? An animal’s physical body is shaped by its respiratory organs (in the broadest sense), but the human physical body is shaped by speech, by respiration transformed into words. In humans, the Word quite literally becomes flesh; that is, we owe our human form... Read More

Reading to those who have died

Reading and considering spiritual truth for those who have left this earth is an important task. This is one of the broadest descriptions I have read. “The so-called dead need the living, for otherwise they would only be able to behold themselves on earth, that is, their own life that... Read More

Perfection and Imperfection

We live in a world that insists on perfection and harshly judges imperfection. Yet, as Rudolf Steiner explains in this lecture, imperfection is a seed for greater perfection. “The greatest blessing for a subsequent period is the fruitful imperfection, the fruitful, justifiable imperfection of an earlier period. What has been... Read More

Holy Night 9 applied to September and Virgo

January 1-2 – Virgo Now come the three nights of the crown. Release from the only intellectual, or release of the intellect from its earthly bonds and purposefulness. This is the thrice-holy night, in which the lower ego falls away and only the desire to serve, to devote oneself, remains.... Read More

Soul Awareness

Experiencing the truth of our soul is important and ongoing work for us as we live on this earth. Only in this way can we become conscious of our I Am which enables us to be conscious in life after death. Rudolf Steiner explains an aspect of the three soul... Read More
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