Advent Week One – Hope

Traditionally, the Church focusses on the themes of hope, peace, joy, and love consecutively during the four weeks of Advent, which is the preparation for the birth of Christ at Christmas. This birth happens within us, each year enhanced by our inner work. If we look at the word hope,... Read More

Holy Night 12 applied to December

January 4-5 – Sagittarius During the 12th night the crowns won are placed at the feet of the divine, because we have struggled against ourselves, but what we have wrung from it is grace, is the law of the spirit. Because grace is a stream from a source that a... Read More

Holy Night 11 applied to November

January 3-4 – Scorpio The eleventh night: the struggle with the Guardian of the Threshold. Mystery: building up the Grail Castle in ourselves. Confessing ourselves more and more in faithfulness to the highest! Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the Holy Nights given to Herbert Hahn Translation from German by Laura Zanutto... Read More


The purpose of Michaelmas is to Awaken us to the Presence of Christ. September 29 is the day we acknowledge the presence of the Archangel Michael in evolution. This Archangel has been present down the ages in the story of St George and the Dragon. Whenever stories like this accompany... Read More

Holy Night 10 for October

Holy Night 10 January 2-3 – Libra The night in which the greatest sacrifice grows from service: learning to listen to the inner voice and the signs of divinity, and to hear them obediently. Mystery: the voice calling in us through our various incarnations. Its clarity grows through sacrifice and... Read More

Holy Night 8 applied to August

December 31 – January 1 – Leo The cross on the sword pommel: the sacrifice. Girded with the sword of the power of Christ, the tongue speaks the truth, without being able to wound. It is the night of re-setting. Mystery: The knight, the fighter with the lance of the... Read More

St John’s Tide – Love and Respect

In the past, we connected closely with the cycles of nature. In this way, we were able to enter into the earth and absorb some of its nature. Now we are called to unite with the spiritual cycles that will lead us to become more consciously aware of the spiritual... Read More

Holy Night 7 applied to July

December 30-31 – Cancer The serpent on the sword pommel: wisdom. We should busy ourselves with uplifting readings. It is the night of the great command. The mystery of activity: who exercises command over our soul? Who is the master of our soul, the doer of our deeds? We have... Read More
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