Lent: Second Sunday

How to Create Imaginations of Our Guardian Angel

If we are to seriously work with our Guardian Angel we need to create an Imagination of this Angel. Imagination is a spiritual faculty that we train ourselves to experience through our thinking. We do this by using our will to create thought images and then to consciously delete them. We could start with something simple like an apple, but give it a different characteristic – make it a purple apple. Create the image and then delete the image.

Once we have mastered this, we can start to work on our Imagination of our Angel. This means that we think and think about our Angel until we form an image of it. This image won’t have the strong outlines like our sense perceptions and it is best to keep away from the stereotypical images we have seen on Christmas cards etc.. In fact, Rev Mario Schoenmaker, who could see Angels, told me that they don’t have wings; it is their ‘hair’ flowing upwards that gives the appearance of wings.

So how can we create an image of an Angel with our thinking? We do this using our etheric body, not our physical body. We weave mental images in the etheric atmosphere that surrounds us using our own etheric or life-force that can expand outside our body. Usually when we think we link one thought to another, but when our thoughts take place outside our body and they become Imaginations. We recognize these thoughts, these etheric images, because they take on a life of their own and weave and flow into each other.

Image: Angels Touch by Carolyn Schiffhouer

From The Secrets of the Christian Festivals https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08D6CPL8D/

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