How can you be free?

This is the essential question that we must ask ourselves now. Orland Bishop brought this quote to my attention.

If we are to move towards a global economy which is equitable for everyone we must first ask ourselves:

If I have money where in the supply chain does that come from?

In it’s journey to my ‘pocket’ has anyone been disadvantaged?

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When two forces stream towards each other at some point they must meet.

When the force of the past meets the force from the future the point of esoteric connection is consciousness.

Observe the delicate, subtle, underlying connections in life – in remote events and between people – to enhance your consciousness and become clear-seeing (clairvoyant).

This new clairvoyance depends on our capacity to think clearly, it is not an unconscious psychic activity.

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To provide thought provoking material about the mysteries and how that relates to the modern world we live in. We hope that each visitor to this site will test this information for themselves. TRUTH can only be a personal experience. Truth can never be imposed by another person or a system of belief.

To find yourself, seek in the world; to find the world, seek in yourself.

If there is something more powerful than destiny, this must be the human being who bears destiny unshaken.” — Rudolf Steiner (Unknown …