Comets Rudolf Steiner has given many insights into comets. He said that comets have irregular orbits which bear no relation to the orbits of planets. Satan tries to use each comet to disrupt the orbit of the planets and earth, in which humans dwell with the divine spiritual powers, and thereby totally disrupt evolution.

Steiner also said that some comets assist evolution, some do not. He also said, “It is actually as though something new were born, when a comet appears.” Around the time of 1930, when the comet in the story below was discovered, a most important event took place in evolution. It was the appearance of the etheric Christ. If this comet now dies, what does this mean for the etheric presence of Christ is this world?

Dying comet visible across Australia

Glowing fragments from a dying comet passing Earth will be at their most visible for Australian stargazers this weekend, experts say.

The comet, known as Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 or Comet 73P, will be visible across Australia above the northern horizon in the hours before sunrise over the next few days.

Experts are urging amateur astronomers to wake up before the comet, located some 10 million kilometres away, fades from view.

“It’s briefly come up to naked eye visibility, but it will soon fade again, so if anyone wants to look at it, they’d better hurry,” Astronomical Society of Victoria vice-president Perry Vlahos said.

Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 fails to match the spectacular brightness displayed by the 1997 passing of the Hale-Bopp comet.

But viewers might get the chance to enjoy a different spectacle all together – the comet’s disintegration.

“It may not survive this passing, it may not make it back,” Mr Vlahos said.

“It might suffer too much from the effects of the sun and the solar wind.

“Comets are very fragile, they are made up of ice and dust, and as they come into the inner solar system, they can be warmed up by the sun, precipitating their break up.”

The comet was discovered by two German astronomers in 1930, and was long considered to be of a dull and uneventful nature until pieces started to break off in 1995.

The comet originally split into five new fragments which began to glow up to 1,000 times brighter when reflecting the sun, and has now broken down into about 40 pieces.

Mr Vlahos said the comet would only be visible with larger binoculars and telescopes in the weeks ahead.

AAP 18 May, 2006