Death, disease and disability


Death is a transition from one consciousness to another. We pick up our physical body as a vehicle to take us through life, at the end of life we discard it and continue our life in this other consciousness. More people are starting to experience this as a reality. Some people are fortunate to be able to observe this ………..

“I recently went to a seminar at which an eminent palliative care doctor spoke. He said that ever since Kubler-Ross, people have some expectation that there will be an acceptance at the end point of dying, but in his experience over all his years, he had rarely seen it. However, he could think of a dozen who entered death the way he would want to. As soon as he thought of these people his face lit up, his eyes softened, and suddenly something of wonder fell on to all of us there. He spoke of how just standing near the bedside of these people was a privilege, how energy poured into them and through them to those around them until the very room seemed alive. As a doctor he knew such life was not possible from a dying body. He spoke about how the words ‘peace’ or ‘acceptance’ didn’t even begin to describe seeing someone so very filled with power. And as he spoke of the wonder of being close to these people, of the light that shone from them…and at that moment I glanced around the room and saw on every face an identical expression – a sense of awe and wonder, a radiance. It seemed as if he had brought the very light he spoke of into the room in which we sat and each of us went away knowing, really experiencing, what it was he had had the privilege to witness.”

Sue Vos is working with death in her course Transforming Grief into Gratitude watch Sue’s video here


Illness, health, death and healing affect the normal course of development of the human being.

What do they contribute: do they advance or retard us in our development?

Man comprises of a physical body which we have in common with all mineral beings in our environment which take their form from the physical and chemical forces within them.

The second member of the human being is the ether or life body. This we have in common with all living things; eg plants and animals.

Then we have the astral body as the third member of our being; our astral body carries our joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, all the thoughts, emotions, images etc. which flood through us during the day. We have this body in common with the animal.

Man also has a higher member which means that we are more advanced in our evolution than minerals, plants and animals. We have the I AM, the self, our self-consciousness.

When any of these bodies become disconnected or out of alignment illness, disease and death can occur.

Follow the movement of the bodies in waking or sleeping in the diagram on this page diagram

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The world is so empty if one thinks only of mountains, rivers and cities; but to know someone here who thinks and feels with us, and who, though distant, is close to us in spirit, this makes the earth an inhabited garden.— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe