Esoteric Psychology

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  • Do we have a soul?

Esoteric Psychology To gain a deeper understanding of the being of man it is necessary to understand that we are not just a physical body. We have a soul which expresses itself through the body and the spirit. Read more about the soul. We also need to become acquainted with our “I”, the concert master of our being.

The Battle of the Spirit

We often hear people speak in a rather sentimental way of “conflicts of the soul.” But where are the men who of their own free will make their inner being into a field of battle? – those who know that the conflict between God and the devil has to be fought out in their own soul? – who consciously sustain within them this super-earthly warfare? If it is true that to be a man means to be a fighter, then to be a Christian means to be trebly a fighter. When a man acknowledges Christ in this sense, not with the head only, but with the whole being, then he is ready to enter the Order of Michael and will one day behold his leader face to face.

Life is like walking on a narrow ledge of rock, against which the waves are beating on the right hand and on the left, as if they would hurl man down. We go through life as in a dream. But Christ said: “Watch!” We lose ourselves, – now in this and now in that. But Christ said: “Pray!” We do not realise that death is peering out upon us on every side. Death does not wait until the last moment of earthly life to meet us. He stands there grinning at us, every time we indulge in empty talk. He lays hands upon us every time we let ease and comfort be our master. He it is who tempts us to dream away our life, and this is true not only when we seek to ” kill time,” but whenever we go about our work mechanically, whenever we simply do as others do. But most of all does Death have us in his grip when we talk about “life,” saying how we must get to know it and how little chance it gives us to come to ourselves. O, Death must laugh when he hears men talk of life!

My book I Connecting : The Soul’s Quest outlines the essential human nature that must be understood if psychology is to live up to its name psych – soul ology – knowledge []

I heard this once, “A hammer shatters glass, but it forges iron.” We need to decide to be iron rather than glass, so that the forces of resistance may forge us spiritually. Bobby Matherne