Generating Love

A Symbiotic relationship

Human beings evolve to the point where they realise and fulfil their symbiotic relationship with the heavenly realms. Humans – through etheric meditation – can release “eggs of agape love”, and “sperm of intent” that form mystical larvae that rise up to the spiritual realm. These larvae become the food for the spiritual beings who eagerly wait and hunger for it. When there is an abundance of Love fertilized by Intent, some of the mystical larvae falls back to the earth as a manifestation of intent on the physical plane, ie. “a miracle”. A group of people meditating in this way is like a coral reef spawning. If their intent is identical, the manifestation can be very powerful, and affect many people. RG

Background on coral reefs

“Some species of coral reproduce by ejecting large quantities of eggs and sperm into the surrounding water. When this happens, the eggs and sperm fertilize in the water. This process is called coral spawning. In some areas, mass coral spawning events occur on one night a year and scientists can predict exactly when this will happen. Trillions of eggs and sperm are simultaneously released into the water in one of the most astounding acts of synchronicity in the natural world! Once in the sea, larvae are naturally attracted to the light. They swim to the surface of the ocean, where they remain for days or even weeks. If predators do not eat the larvae during this time, they fall back to the ocean floor and attach themselves to a hard surface. An attached planula metamorphosis’s into a coral polyp and begins to grow and divide itself in half, making exact genetic copies of itself. As more and more polyps are added, a coral colony develops. Eventually the coral colony becomes mature, begins reproducing and the cycle of life continues!” Acknowledgment: International Coral Reef Network

“A Staghorn Coral releases bundles of egg and sperm during coral spawning.” Photo by Charles Savall