Reincarnation and Karma


More people in the world accept reincarnation as a fact than do not.

My mother says that she totally believes in it but that she is not coming back! … guess what mum!

Reincarnation is the basis of evolution. Mankind does evolve. Mankind evolves by repeatedly experiencing a changing and evolving world. Also, each human being contributes to creating this evolution, or not.

Darwin almost came to an understanding of reincarnation when he said that it wasn’t the strongest or the smartest but the ones most able to change that would survive.

Rigorous thinking will bring us to the experience of the reality of reincarnation

In the 16th Century Lessing said: “Why should I not return as often as I am sent to gain new knowledge, new skills? Do I carry off so much at one go that it is not worth the effort to return?”

To appreciate the impact of these words consider the Lessing was one of the most influential thinkers of his time, a time when materialism and earthly logic was increasingly taking over the minds of humanity. [The critical genius of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing is peerless in its comprehensiveness, its keenness and depth; but if there was any branch of literature and art which by study and practice he made preëminently his own, it was the drama. From an article: The Drama: Its History, Literature and
Influence on Civilization, vol X ed. Alfred Bates. New York: Historical Publishing Company, 1906. pp. 47-56, 67-73.]

Watch this young boys memory of his immediate past life. Soul Survivor


Things that bite you on the bottom when you least expect it.

The only thought to retain in our mind is that karma is good. If we do not have a karmic incident we are stagnating.

The purpose of karma is to facilitate our connection with our higher self. Many of us resist our higher self because it puts pressure on us to change, to evolve, to become more conscious. This process is uncomfortable and the discomfort causes our resistance. The doctor always tells us to sit still when he is treating a wound.

If we are interested in evolving we must sit still in the situation we are in, full of strength and courage. This does not mean to stubbornly resist the prevailing change, but to think about it, rigorously. To see every side of the situation so that we become increasingly conscious and aware.

It is helpful to consider that our “I” does not react, our “I” is that part of us which is linked to the eternal. Reactions are born in our astral, and it’s reaction is founded on fear. Anger rises up within us out of fear. If we are alert to it we have a small window of opportunity to turn this anger into love. Anger turns to love when we thoughts enter our emotions. Read this reflection explaining anger in a new light.

We will be developing a karmic first aid kit on this site. So when karma bites, while you are spinning out you will just have to remember to log onto this site and we will help you through it.

The key is always found in perspective. Our consciousness is so tied to the present that it is difficult to see the panaramic view. These words from Valentin Tomberg give us real perspective –

“He alone has a true interest in the past who seeks in it the causes of the future which is to be shaped into reality. He is then both practically and morally impressed by the value of the past for the future, he looks back upon it with an eye which seeks the task for the future of the world karma arising from the past. And from this retrospect, there results for the soul the most valuable gift which the past can bestow; namely, the kindling of the will to fulfill that task which knowledge of the past sets before the soul.” –Valentin Tomberg