The Esoteric Bible

The Bible contains many secrets. It can be read in many different ways. The student who devotes self in deep contemplation to certain passages will discover many things.

It is very good to look at the Ancient Koine or common Greek to discover the real meaning behind some of the words in the new Testament (and Hebrew for the Old Testament)

Some excellent material is available.

Dr Rudolf Steiner and his many pupils and their pupils :

  • Emil Bock
  • Evelyn Capel
  • Karl Konig
  • Sergei Prokofieff
  • Ed Smith
  • Georg Kuhlewind
  • Alfred Heidenreich,
  • Judith von Halle, and many more

Max Heindel and his pupil Corinne Heline:

Let the student ponder well the relation of FIRE and FLAME; the former lies sleeping, invisible in everything, and is kindled into light in various ways: by a blow of a hammer upon a stone, by friction of wood against wood and by chemical action, etc. This gives us a clue to the identity and state of THE FATHER, “whom no man hath seen at any time” but who is revealed in “The Light of the World,” the Son, who is the highest Initiate of the Sun Period. As the unseen fire is revealed in the flame, so also the fullness of the Father dwelt in the Son, and they are one as fire is one with the flame in which it manifests. This is the root of all true Sun and Fire worship. All look beyond the physical symbol and adore “Our Father Who art in Heaven.” The Mystic Masons of today hold this faith in fire as firmly as ever. From Freemasonary and Catholicism Part I: Lucifer, the Rebel Angel [1]

Here is a simple example of one way to interpret John 20 Other examples can be found here where my Reflections are listed [2]

In 2009 I began writing a blog to explore the esoteric interpretation of the Bible. It is called The Bible Unlocked [3]. The blog differs from my weekly Reflections because it deals with the concepts in the bible randomly rather than exploring a particular text. Essentially, we need an understanding of the human makeup to make sense of many things the bible says. We also need to understand the beings in the spiritual worlds and their particular tasks as they guide mankind towards full conscious awareness. The key to my work is to put these things into everyday language, this is not such an easy task. Hundreds of people read my weekly reflections and some tell me that they speak to them of the truth in their own lives – this is all that matters to me. The companion to all my writing is my book I Connecting : The Soul’s Quest []. By studying this book we can know ourselves anew and are changed. Our conscious awareness gains clarity and we can see who we are, and what we can become. It doesn’t mean our problems go away, it just means that we deal with them differently.