Understanding Love


Dear Kristina
Is pure love ‘non emotional’?
Is Christ’s love ‘not emotional’?

Dear J,
In a way. It is objective.
A lot of the love we experience is astral, tribal, selfish, involves the ego – which is why we get hurt. Think about that song “oh love that knoweth of no fear”

Dear Kristina
thanks. now that makes sense….I just had an ‘aha’….about this….
So part of my journey has been making my love more objective…separating it out, but not going cold and heartless either.
So “oh love that knoweth of no fear” makes sense in this context.
I was told years ago that I must learn the difference between love and sex; I’ve had so much fun finding out ……. but as I was thinking about this I thought that quite often people get cold during sex, when in fact I think we can all be warm and loving, but it doesn’t have to last forever either…
Anyway, some thoughts.