The Real WWII weaponry In Walter Stein’s biography we read about the white magic ritual he successfully proposed to Winston Churchill during WWII, which was suggested to Steiner by a sensitive and astute spiritual friend. When Big Ben struck noon all in London were asked to stop and pray for all war dead on both sides. Tautz, Stein’s biographer, says this Silent Moment was known to Hitler and worried him greatly as Hitler well knew the occult power of such a secret weapon. Thanks PL for bringing that to to my attention.

BATTLE FOR BRITAIN SECRET WEAPON Charisma by Jo Bannister, 1994, p. 50 Also published under the title Sins of the Heart. This story may be fictional.

One Sunday morning in September 1940, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and some military advisers were in an underground operations room in southern England watching the lights on the electrical battle charts. Britain was suffering from a dangerous shortage of materials, and intelligence reports showed German forces were preparing to invade England.

On that otherwise quiet Sunday morning, a sudden alert heralded the approach of about 200 Nazi aircraft. As outnumbered British air squadrons rose to meet the Nazi formations nearing the English coast, tension grew in the underground shelter.

Then for some reason the markers on the wall chart began to move eastward, indicating that the German planes had turned back. One hundred and eighty five of their aircraft had gone down in flames, and they had no alternative but to retreat. The Royal Air Force had won the battle against impossible odds.

There was no natural explanation for the outcome of this Nazi attack during the Battle of Britain, but intelligence officers who interrogated captured Nazi airmen heard this question from at least 3 different men: “Where did you get all the planes you threw into the battle over Britain?” Apparently, the Germans saw many more planes than the British actually had in the air.

The explanation? The British as a nation were praying for the safety of their country and their military forces (and surely for the well being of all the souls from either side affected by death, injury or grief). From 1940 to the end of the war, people throughout the British commonwealth observed a silent moment of prayer every day at 9 p.m.. One imprisoned Nazi officer told his captors: “With the striking of your Big Ben clock each evening at 9, you used a secret weapon which we did not understand. It was very powerful, and we could find no countermeasure against it.”

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