Who is Jesus really?

Let’s take a closer look at the being of Jesus the Christ. We can read that Jesus is a Jewish man who was a teacher and a healer, part of ancient history. In this way he can be placed alongside any other religious teacher and thereby occupies a role in... Read More

Disciples John, Thaddaeus and Matthew

These three disciples give us a better idea of the real nature of love. John Lennon was right when he sang, “All you need is love.” Through love we can be gracious, harmonious and free. John: The name John means ‘the grace of the Lord’ and he represents love (he... Read More

Disciples Nathanael Bartholomew, Judas and Thomas

The next three disciples show that the conventional interpretation of who they are is actually the opposite of what they really stand for in our developing consciousness. This is often the way when we investigate under the surface to discover spiritual meanings. Nathanael Bartholomew: Nathanael means gift of God. He... Read More

Disciples Andrew, Simon Peter and Phillip

If we are to become like Jesus there are 12 characteristics we need to develop. The characteristics are found in the nature of the 12 disciples. We could say that the perfection of the 12 make the 13th. Each week during 2005 I wrote about the 12 disciples, unlocking their... Read More

Jesus and Christ

Probably the next most important thing to consider is the central character of the New Testament, Jesus Christ. If we ever think that we are misunderstood in life these feelings pale into insignificance compared with the misunderstanding of Jesus Christ. If we make a survey of the NT we rarely... Read More

Human Consciousness and the Soul

When considering human consciousness it isn’t enough just to say that human beings are conscious and have consciousness. This state of being awake and aware clearly differs from person to person and changes within each of us throughout the day. Nor is it sufficient to say things like: I am... Read More

Human Consciousness Evolves

One thing that obstructs our understanding of the Bible, and in fact the human being in general, is that we do not understand the way in which human consciousness evolves. Yet we experience this in our own lifetime. Apart from the difference in our own consciousness as we age, just... Read More