Human Consciousness and the Soul

When considering human consciousness it isn’t enough just to say that human beings are conscious and have consciousness. This state of being awake and aware clearly differs from person to person and changes within each of us throughout the day. Nor is it sufficient to say things like: I am... Read More

Human Consciousness Evolves

One thing that obstructs our understanding of the Bible, and in fact the human being in general, is that we do not understand the way in which human consciousness evolves. Yet we experience this in our own lifetime. Apart from the difference in our own consciousness as we age, just... Read More

Human Being: Body, soul and spirit

One of the first hurdles to be overcome when reading the bible is our understanding of the true nature of the human being which is usually limited to its physical substance or flesh and blood. If we look closely at human nature we can distinguish three different human characteristics; body,... Read More


When I was 10 years old I was given my first Bible. A beautiful leather bound King James version, a requirement of the school that I was attending. It had my initials engraved on the front cover and it looked very impressive. I made a resolution to read it from... Read More