Where is God?

When someone says they are praising and worshipping God, where exactly is this God at the time? Sometimes it seems to me that people are escaping themselves when they defer to a higher being outside themselves. It takes the pressure off, but it doesn’t deal with what caused the pressure.... Read More

Do we really know ourselves?

One of the reasons the Bible doesn’t make sense in places is because we don’t really know ourselves. We think that we are a body and we hear people say that we have a soul but we don’t know where it is or what it does. I have written a... Read More

The true nature of peace

There is a word exchanged between us at Christmas which we rarely use in the way for the rest of the year. It is the word ‘peace’. Of course, this word is heavily used throughout the year in connection with war.The strangest thing about peace is that we always expect... Read More


Today the major Australian newspapers report the results of a survey about what people believe in In this survey (which of course is never representative) it says “51 per cent of respondents say they believe in angels”. I would like to ask those 501 people what exactly they think... Read More

And what is sin?

Sin is one of the most misunderstood concepts we have today.  Sin is not about adhering to what other people tell us is right or wrong. The Greek word sin, hamartia, literally means ‘to miss the mark’. So we need to work out what the mark is. What is the... Read More

When is the Judge the Killer?

While we are on the topic of God it would be good to have a look at the word judgment which is so often linked with him. The image of the man with the long beard sitting on a throne watching and judging everything we do is a bizarre concept.... Read More

Who or what is God?

One of the most astounding things that I heard when I began to really study the Bible was that there were many gods. Not in the sense of the ancient Greeks and Romans looking towards Olympus, although that could hold some answers as well, but in the sense that God-God,... Read More

When should women be subordinate?

Someone knocked on my door this week wanting to explain the Bible to me. I told him that I was already a student of the Bible at which point he enthusiastically suggested that he come in to compare notes. He then quoted St Paul to me and I responded that... Read More