Advent 2018 Week 1

“Inner Advent is a time of inner review and reflection. The soul reviews its thoughts, feelings, deeds and moral development as they occurred and unfolded... Read More

Advent Week 4

We stand before the mightiest event in the universe, a God becomes a man. We can’t possibly comprehend how this came about but we can... Read More

Advent Week 3

As we draw a step closer to the Christmas event, we move down to the third group of ‘Celestial Intelligences’ as Dionysius refers to them... Read More

Advent Week 1

St Paul’s pupil, Dionysius the Aeropagite, is said to be the first person to write about the Celestial Hierarchy. This Hierarchy consists of nine kinds... Read More

Advent Week 4

During the fourth week of Advent we approach the true human element, the element that sets us apart from and above every other living thing,... Read More