Jesus and Christ

The Mystery of Christ and the astonishing man Jesus is awe-some.

Our earthly mind can hardly comprehend the deed of Golgotha.

When orthodox or exoteric religion seems to have failed us in our attempt to grasp these truths many people around the world are beginning to unravel the mystery of a Cosmic Christ who is present on this earth in an etheric body which can be seen – read this account of the reappearance.

This question came to me in October 2005 in response to one of my reflections on the Twelve Disciples.

Hello Kristina … I enjoy reading your summaries…. thank you for sending them. Would you please explain this statement more clearly??….so that I can understand where you are coming from.

“Jehovah is the moon god, the god of the Hebrews whose job it was to prepare for the incarnation of the sun god, Christ.”

Thanks so much … and I look forward to hearing from you. TP

Dear T,

It is good to hear that my reflections on passages of the Gospel of St John assists others to reflect on them as well.

The Hebrew race was lead by Yaweh or Jehovah and whose job it was to preside over the purifying of the blood of the Hebrew race so that from their race Jesus could be born. Jesus had to be the purest human being to enable him to withstand the presence of the Cosmic Christ, the Sun God, within his being. So that Jehovah could be close enough to the earth to guide the Hebrew race he made the moon his abode. At this time humanity was not yet prepared for the direct sunlight of the Christ and could absorb only the reflected sunlight of the Moon. This can be seen in the Old Testament throughout and is the reason why the New Testament is hardly understood at all even today. The disagreements between the Jews and Christ arise from the misunderstanding that humanity no longer needed the reflected sunlight from the moon, that we could go directly to the source. Prior to this Jehovah instilled our I AM consciousness into us. With this transition came the personal responsibility for our I AM, our Real Self. That is our task now, to accept the I AM and express ourselves through it. Before Christ this was not possible.

Your question actually touches on the core of my work, to assist people to understand how the I AM works in our daily life today.

Best wishes, Kristina