Human Consciousness Evolves

One thing that obstructs our understanding of the Bible, and in fact the human being in general, is that we do not understand the way in which human consciousness evolves. Yet we experience this in our own lifetime. Apart from the difference in our own consciousness as we age, just think about the difference between the way we think and the way our grandparents and even our parents think. We could say that human consciousness changes over thousands of years in a similar way that it changes in one human being during a lifetime. For example, this would mean that if primitive man thought like a 10 year old then at present we might be thinking like a 35 year old.
If we accept this it would mean that when the New Testament was written people thought differently and this might lead us to ask what relevance the Bible has for us today. I have been writing reflections on the Bible since 2003 and studying it since 1983 and I look at the Bible as a map of developing human consciousness. Furthermore, it gives us guidance to navigate the upheavals that naturally occur when we have to think differently either in changed circumstances or as we grow and develop. Just as we re-engineer the work place, we must also re-engineer our mind. AND, when we start to understand how our consciousness can change, that in itself changes it! We become more aware of our own thoughts, feelings and actions.
Plus, I am sure that it hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice that these things are speeding up. Just as technology becomes outdated quickly so do certain patterns of thinking and ways of living. The human race has reached a point of intensity in its development, as if we are being called, as St John in his Gospel puts it, to repent. This word means something totally different from how it is used in modern language. It isn’t about being sorry or regretful. ““Repent then.” Metanoeo, which literally means to perceive afterwards. It implies that we can see the results of our actions before we act. This assists us to change the way we act, and think, and feel because we see its effects.” The Revelation – a way of life. By Kristina Kaine
It becomes increasingly important for us to consider what will result from actions. Each day the news reveals how people do not consider the consequences of their actions. This situation appears to be escalating and in my posts I hope to give some reasons for this.

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