How do we explain the rise of insidious infections?

Some say that infections like Ebola, AIDS, Bird Flu, and other infections are caused by lack of hygiene or other human activity, perhaps even Government laboratories running bioterrorism experiments in Africa, but are they?

Do we really know what these pathogens are? We cannot hope to understand what is happening in the world today unless we do understand. Pathogens originate from past life activity. Whenever we experienced fear and terror it had an effect in the astral world. Each time we incarnate this compromised astral world is the source from which we compose our own astral body according to our karma.

Resulting from fear experienced in the astral body in a past life we can have partly decomposed astral bodies which makes us susceptible to pathogens. Pathogens are actually Ahrimanic beings, beings that exist in between the plant and animal kingdom, and they have easy access to damaged astral bodies.

So how can we prevent this since the damage was done in past lives? We can turn the situation around by overcome fear in this life. We can only overcome fear through our I Am. Through our I Am we are able to be objective and view things from a higher perspective. Overcoming fear becomes a cathartic experience in our soul and helps our I Am connect more securely to our physical body each morning when we wake up.

The first step is to understand fear. Briefly, we experience fear in every aspect of life. Mostly we experience it in our relationships. We constantly fear that others will undermine us, and the only way to overcome this is through the agency of our I Am, that fourth member of our being that we are working on at present. There are many ways to strengthen our connection to our I Am, but we must start by understanding what it is. Frequently we confuse it with our astral, which only exacerbates the problem of dealing with fear.

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