“We Live in Uncertain Times”

To say, “We live in uncertain times” masks the reality of the times in which we live. This statement feeds the uncertainty that lies deep within our soul. This uncertainty brings feelings of insecurity, fear and anxiety that we are not always aware of.

We could ask the important question: What is the purpose of fear? Essentially fear makes us aware of ourselves. To put it very bluntly, fear is an intense feeling aroused by hatred. When we experience intense fear we are very egotistical which makes us very aware of ourselves as individuals.

Fear pushes us back into ourselves; it actually condenses our etheric body, our life force. In this state, our fear prevents us from entering into things outside us. This produces a feeling of isolation and aloneness. Then we have a choice. Will we reach out to enter into our environment, and into other people with care and concern for their wellbeing? If we are honest, we know that mostly we only turn to others because they supply what we need. The bias of our relationships is usually towards those who agree with us. Then we don’t feel fear. It is actually through fear that we retreat from difficult relationships. Then, when we become aware of our inner fear, we look for something to deaden it. Here lies the source of our many addictions – not just drugs, alcohol, video games etc., but also to materialistic ideas and theories.

We should then ask, what is the source of fear? Fear is the product of Ahriman’s activity; he wants to bind us to this earth in every possible way. He wants us to fear spiritual truth. We counteract this though courage – courage to seek the truth. The truth about fear is that we need Ahriman to give us an awareness of ourselves as individuals. Ahriman makes it possible for us to live on this earth. Ahriman and his minions are like the force of resistance that enables airplanes to fly. Unless we become aware of these facts, Ahriman works unconsciously within us and makes us fearful and insecure so that we conduct our lives in the ways mentioned above.

Whoever tries to terrorize us in any way is simply acting under the influence of Ahriman. The more terrorizing they are the more unconscious they are. If we can see this, we diminish Ahriman’s activity. Each of us has a role to play on a global scale, for Ahriman is not limited by geography. He is a global power working in every human being. We can starve him of his sustenance by conquering our fear, by loving each other and loving truth, then we are free.

Oh love that knoweth of no fear
A love that sheds a joyous tear
Oh Love that makes me whole and free
Such love shall keep and hallow me.

Rosicrucian chant

Image: Companions of Fear by Rene Margritte 1942

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