John the Baptist beheaded

Why does Islamic State choose to behead people?

Is it to terrorise us, or could there be another reason? Perhaps even a reason that the members of IS are not even aware of? We might find some useful information if we explore the beheading of John the Baptist. In my series of Reflections “Who is Jesus : What is Christ?” I delved into this beheading in a lot of detail now published in Volume 3.

I asked the question: why behead John the Baptist? Why sever the head from the body when there are many other ways to kill a human being. The head is the most physical part of our being. The rest of our body is quite different – softer, more malleable AND less conscious.

We might make a bit more sense of this if we look at the body in three parts; the head, the heart and lungs, and the limbs. To each of these parts we can connect our thinking, feeling and willing, in that order. So if we sever the head we are severing our thinking. Or more likely, we sever the physical, materialistic thinking that is so misguided. Could Islamic State be doing the exact opposite of what they intend?

We are moving towards a time when we will think with our heart. “Then our thoughts are more mobile and more susceptible to our will which assists us to understand spiritual knowledge. We cannot understand spiritual truth with the earthly reasoning of our mind … Then, with patience and effort, we can shape some of these ideas into ordinary concepts to be stored in our memory. We are just at the beginning of this way of using our mind. Our main challenge is learn how it operates so that we don’t mix up our earthly understanding with our spiritual understanding. Hence, we need to experience the inner beheading.” Who is Jesus : What is Christ Vol 3 by Kristina Kaine

Image: The Head of John the Baptist from with a very interesting Christ Vol 3 by Kristina Kaine

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