Christ Jesus ascending

Holy Night 8

December 31 – January 1 – Leo

The cross on the hilt of the sword. Sacrifice. The man with the Christ sword of power that cannot hurt, speaks the language of the truth. It is the night of fear and horror.

The Mystery: A Knight with the spear of the will and the sword of knowledge has a dog beside him, as a symbol of obedience. Behind him are death and the devil. At a certain level of knowledge, a mistake or a wrong move can quickly lead to perdition. Victory is achieved by the fullness of divinity, with a consciousness of responsibility and an unfailing loyalty to the tasks ahead in life.
R. Steiner

Eighth Contemplation: Kristina Kaine

Christ Blessing by Raphael

Why are often fearful of making a wrong move? Perhaps because we know that the slightest mistake will usually bring some form of criticism – self criticism or criticism from others. Perhaps this is a good thing because it prepares us for that time when we reach a certain level of knowledge and mistakes can have serious consequences. However, we should not be paralysed by fear. It is crucial that we gain esoteric knowledge, at the same time taking the responsibility seriously. Our commitment to our spiritual development can only be 100 percent, there can be no half measures.

As we stand on the cusp of 2015 we can make a promise to ourselves to take our spiritual understanding to a new level. The thing about spiritual knowledge is that if our commitment is genuine the knowledge opens up to us. If not, then spiritual truth will make no sense to us. Perhaps this is why this is the night of fear and horror; a window opens and we review the results of our efforts over past year and then we see how the new year will pan out if we don’t make a new resolve.

We must become like the knight who has sharpened his will, gained knowledge and is accompanied by obedience. He met with death and the devil and leaves them behind.

Our victory depends on our ability to see that we are actually divine beings. Of all the beings in the Cosmos we are the ones able to take into ourselves the presence of the mighty Cosmic Christ who entered the body of Jesus and became human (briefly). Why did he do this? So that we could claim our freedom and overcome karma. If we continue to act out of our karma and only engage with others through their karma 2015 will be much tougher than it should be – not only for us but for the world. Let’s not drag death and devil with us; they express themselves through us through our dead consciousness, and by stirring up our karma. We can only avoid this by nurturing our relationship with Christ knowing that through him we can have ALL knowledge.

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