Do you experience Christ?

It is because of my teacher and spiritual mentor, Rev Mario Schoenmaker, that I try to shed new light on Bible texts. He was a master at this. I am revisiting the last retreat he led before he died (12.1.1997), it was 20 years ago this week.

When someone says to me, ’I don’t experience the Christ. The Christ is not living for me’. Do you have that feeling sometimes? I’m astounded, actually, at such a question, because … do I experience air? Do I experience my intake and output of breathing, or is that a normal ordinary thing that happens as part of my existence and therefore I don’t notice it?

Do we have to notice Christ the whole day? Wouldn’t that become a rather boring sort of a thing or a painful sort of situation? One has to realise that Christ is a force. By a force I mean a wind. By wind I mean a spirit and a spirit is invisible and not noticeable. One doesn’t have to notice or experience the Christ. He is there – like air is in us and around us. Christ is in us and around us. That is occult teaching! Rev Mario Schoenmaker 3.9.1996

Image: by Ivan Aivazovsky

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