Lent Day 22

If anyone thinks there is no need to bother about Christ they are sadly mistaken. Christ is THE reason for human existence; he is the purpose behind our lives. Our task is to develop higher faculties of awareness to see him in the etheric realm within us and around us. In this way we create a whole new relationship with him.

So what do we do first? Develop the higher faculties, or develop our love for Christ? So many people choose the former when it is through the latter that we will receive the assistance of Christ himself to experience him as he appears in this world now. And we need to do it while we are incarnated on this earth.

“Those faculties through which one will be able to perceive the Christ event between death and a new birth cannot be acquired between death and a new birth; they must be acquired here on the physical plane and must be carried with one into the life between death and a new birth.” 10th March 1910

Vision of Zacarias by James Tissot

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