Lent Day 26

One aspect of the Mystery of Golgotha means that we are now personally responsible for the decisions we make about our spiritual development. Another very important aspect is that we are also personally responsible for distinguishing between good and evil. To remind us of this there were three crosses on the hill.

Prior to the deed on Golgotha, when Christ entered into the earth, religious leaders gave guidance about what was helpful or harmful. Now, no one else can tell us what is good and what is evil; we have to see it.

“We may therefore say that with the reception of the Christ-Impulse into the inner nature of man, it was made possible for man to say: ‘I must be my own guide for the knowledge of my existence and the distinction between good and evil.’” Rudolf Steiner 2nd February, 1910

Calvary by Andrea Mantegna 1457 1459

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