Holy Week

As we walk through Holy Week it is good to consider the fruits of our work.

“Holy Monday – From Emil Bock on Mark 11: 12-25

Christ approaches the fig tree at Bethphage and wishes to show the disciples how little value should be attached to the “Hosanna” of the previous day [Palm Sunday]. All that it represented was the last fruits of the old visionary clairvoyance, given by nature, and bound to the body. The words He addresses to the fig tree are, as it were, a challenge to the whole realm of ancient ecstatic vision.”

Rudolf Steiner further explains this idea in a lecture about the Archangel Michael, who is the countenance of Christ.

“Michael is a being who reveals nothing if we ourselves do not bring Him something from our diligent spiritual work on Earth. Michael is a silent Spirit — silent and reserved.” January 13, 1924

We can ask ourselves where we are in the growth cycle. Are we still relying on the fruit that is produced for us, or are we producing our own fruit. Adam and Eve were given the apple, now the spiritual words are waiting for us (with eager longing* St Paul says) to give them the ‘apple’.

*”For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God;” Romans 8:19

AdamEve by LucasCranach

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  1. Moira Lorraine

    Blessed Kristina … Today for the 1st time in my challenging life I celebrate my 59th birthday…I have worked through 5 incarnations. In this 1 lifetime..Purifying self to Spiritually Advance. My Spiritual evolution…I have Journeyed with you in the 40 days of Lent and thru your Wise Teachings I have been ABLE to perceive with CLARITY the Sacrificial ACT of Jesus the CHRIST during his 3 yrs and His ultimate MISSION on the Cross to Save humanity and the Universes from death…as Snt Paul said the FRUIT of the Spirit are Loving Kindness …Compassion…Perseverance..Discrimination…Truth…Patience…and Running the Race to the final Goal of Living and BEING CHRISTED…..I am so Priveliged to have found your TEACHINGS of such High Caliber as to Change my attitude to HOPE….Greatfully Moira Basson…xx

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