The Chalice Prayer

This prayer always fills me with courage when I struggle to find balance in this alarming world.

The Chalice Prayer

Father, to you I raise my whole being, 
a vessel emptied of self;
accept, O Lord, this my emptiness,
and so fill me with yourself, your life, your light, your love,
that these your gracious gifts may radiate through me
and overflow the chalice of my heart
into the hearts of all with whom I come in contact,
revealing unto them the beauty of your joy and wholeness
and the serenity of your peace which nothing can destroy.

Frances Nuttal

I have written about the Father as the I AM – our progenitor. “Lord” is also a way of addressing our I AM which is the Lord of each of our incarnations.

Image : unknown artist, found on a Face Book post by Alara Mayes

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  1. This powerful ,Life affirming prayer gives us Light in the Times of apparent darkness .,chaos and revolution…Humanity is standing on the brink of a man made Cataclism in the form of War which will affect everyone on earth. We need to Shine our lamps ,and radiate Love to ALL..especially those we deem as our enemies..Warnings have been sent to mankind in the form of the greatest (cat5) hurricanes USA and Asia .an 8.1 earthquake near Mexico..yet we have seen miracles and kindness in the face of extremis…let us hope that Atomic Fire is not the next Event..WHY cant we see that in the face of continual provocation between East and West that everyone wants Peace…let us give life giving water and wine…and plants the seeds for the Bread of Life..The children are starving ,feed that which is GOOD…Moira LOrraine..

  2. Dear Kristina, I wrote the above after seeing an image of a golden chalice (of the HOLY GRAIL) seen on 9-9-2017..I have just visited your Facebook site and found a painting of a 4 fold CHALICE -GOLDEN…for your 10 -9-2017 series of CONSCIOUS DYING -(the hallmark of the JUPITER SOUL who is the future Forunner of human ascension ,a pioneer ,visionary,500 yrs ahead of their earth time)…Your content about our inner storms,volcanic anger ,our microcosmic earthquakes is reflected above ,in divine Synchronicity..Mario our Teacher has given these scenarios in the ORACLE of THE VOICE ,( HOLY GRAIL RETREAT) 23-9-1990…27 yrs ago .this Phrophecy is about to become manifest within a symbolic 10 day, month, decade, This ties in with Solar Saros 145 (last seen August 1999) now 21-8-2018 dubbed the Great American Eclipse.This marks Great Awakening for USA ,it’s people and by influence as the EMPIRE (current) of the world ,and humanity on a large I AM CHRISTED Beings we are here to stabilise certain regions of the world ..Australia is that continent…It will be a modern day Ark(like Noah’s) for those fortunate enough to be born here or like me was guided here after 5 very traumatic migrations.We will need to be strong,courageous,and above all BE COMPASSIONATE ,toward self and those in need..

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