Understanding Anger

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Mt 5:5

Some notes I made about the the 3rd Beatitude as I was writing about the Beatitudes in 2006-07

The “I” must be able to still the astral. The strongest astral impulse is anger. To be meek is to be in control of anger – to still it or to express it when there is no personal cause for it.

Anger rises when we want things to go differently – we buck against karma. The Luciferic spirits do this – they want us to be free now.

When we conquer our astral and its tendency to anger, Imaginative consciousness rises up. Being able to bring calm to our astral requires courage to look directly into the face of truth – about self and others. The meek have courage, there is no resentment and no fear.

We need presence of mind. We mustn’t lose faith in our fellow man no matter what they do. Our task is to overcome anger, impatience, intolerance. We must develop the courage of faith necessary to endure truth.

Christ Blessing by Raphael

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