Having Respect for EVERY Human Being

Do we respect and appreciate every human being?

“A second thing which spiritual science offers to those who do not only take it as a dry and lifeless theory but who allow their heart and soul to be touched by it, a second thing which spiritual science can give is the following: people really learn to respect and prize the human being, they acquire a boundless feeling of respect and appreciation of man.

If a spiritual conception of life, as set forth, for instance, in my Occult Science, is not only grasped theoretically through the intellect, but with the whole soul, can it then it lead to anything but a genuine respect and appreciation of the human being.

Consider that the whole cosmos is contemplated from the standpoint that man has his place within it. After all, it is man whom we consider, when we speak not only of the evolution of the Earth, but of the Moon, Sun and Saturn stages of development.”

You, O cognising, feeling and, willing man
You are the riddle of the world!
What it conceals,
Reveals itself in you, and becomes
Light in your spirit,
Warmth in your soul,
And the power of your breath
Binds your bodily being
To soul-worlds
And spirit-realms.
It loads you into substance,
That you might find yourself
As man,
It leads you into spirit,
That you might never lose
Yourself as spirit.

From lecture by Rudolf Steiner entitled “The Three Conditions Which Determine Man’s Position
in the World, Towards His Fellow-Men and Towards Spirituality” given in Dornach 2nd February, 1919.

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