Critical Times

I have a sense that every person on this earth is being tested at this time.

Certainly, the young boys trapped in the deep cave in Thailand were being tested, as well as their families, and all those people charged with rescuing them. Was that an accident or a wakeup call for us all? What about the British Government in turmoil over Brexit and the American people grappling with a President who seems to defy what the office of President has always meant to them?

It seems to me that these extreme situations – and we know of many more – point to dramatic changes in human consciousness. We are being challenged to look deeply into each and every situation on the earth to see what is really taking place. In my observation, the less we see, the more intensely situations unfold. Behind the scenes, powerful spiritual forces are at work seeking to destroy all that human beings have created, and other forces are fighting to prevent this destruction.

Our response can be fall in behind those working against destruction, and that is the greatest error. So much of what human beings have created needs to be destroyed. We drag the past into the present at an alarming rate thereby ignoring healthy cycles of growth.

When I explored the esoteric meaning of The Book of Revelation it was a delight to discover that I could apply that seven stages of plant growth to the messages to the seven churches.

“The words written about the seven churches are metaphors for our developing consciousness. There are many things in life that occur in sevens; seven colours of the rainbow, seven musical notes, seven days in the week etc. Each seven years we human beings enter into different life phases. We can also compare our spiritual development to the seven stages of a plant’s growth; seed, roots, leaf, bud, flower, fruit and seed. This cycle is repeated throughout our life according to our “works”. By contemplating these phases of growth and comparing them to the words written to each church a pattern emerges. It helps to be mindful that a new seed is produced out of destruction. Each of the messages speaks of an up-building process followed by something destructive. This is as it should be, and through our individual effort we can produce the seed for the next cycle, the next church. […]

By comparing the messages to each of the seven churches as stages in the growth of a plant, the message to Ephesus gives a deep impression of a seed. Imagine the patience within the seed’s sheath as its forces wait for the right conditions to set down roots and push up shoots. This image of patience stands in contrast to the urgency behind modern culture demanding to have things instantly. It isn’t just in agriculture that seeds are forced to flower sooner and to flower out of season. In our consciousness we are conditioned to expect what we want, when we want it, with as little effort as possible.” Kristina Kaine – The Virgin and the Harlot

Each person on this planet can contribute to the healthy progress of evolution by aligning his or her own thoughts, feelings, and behaviour with the grand plan. The drama that unfolds all over the globe is a sign that this is not happening. While we feel powerless to assist the boys trapped in the cave in Thailand, we miss the opportunity to assist human evolution by becoming conscious of the way we are trapped in our own consciousness. We must supply the oxygen and the guidance to emerge from the darkness into the light of a new stage of evolution.

Intrinsic Value by Istvan Mufics

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  1. Caroline

    Yes, all being tried, but no surprise to those in the know. Great growth in overcoming that’s for sure. Our President is more than meets the eye. In the end, Truth wins out.

  2. K.O.P.

    I have always felt connected and inspired by Kristina’s post. But why on earth would you inject a comment about the American people grappling with a president defying what the office has meant to them. I am shocked that such a person with such clarity can’t see that the American people are deeply frustrated with DC as a whole. Like myself and at least half this country feel that the current president is basically the perfect SOB for the job now. Americans are grappling with a deep mistrust of all of DC and that we are not represented the way the founding fathers designed it to be. Myself and many Americans are awakening to realize “We The People” need to hold our leaders accountable. We are in a time that “We The People” are being manipulated by Masters of deception that only divides us. When it come to an awakening it is finally becoming obvious the darkness we need to emerge from is a system that that is controlled by a few to manipulate the masses so as to benefit those who think they hold the keys to the kingdom.

    1. Kristina Kaine

      I am reluctant to make any comments about something I cannot know about as an Australian. I am also reluctant to hold a firm opinion – as I so often write about. I made a careful statement using the word ‘seem’, “who seems to defy what the office of President has always meant to them”
      I also see your point of view K.O.P. – which applies in every country on this earth. “Drain the swamp” sums it up.

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