Holy Night 11 applied to November and Scorpio

The 12 Holy Nights sow a seed for our progress through the year ahead. Our sole purpose on this earth is to become aware our I Am, our True Self. By applying each of the 12 Holy Nights to each of the 12 months throughout the year we come closer to knowing ourselves more completely. In its highest expression our I Am becomes one with Christ who accompanies us each step of the way.

“The true name of Christ is “I Am”; who does not know or does not understand this and calls Him by another name does not know anything about Him. “I Am” is His only name.” Rudolf Steiner 27 May 1909

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January 3-4 – Scorpio

The eleventh night: the struggle with the Guardian of the Threshold.

Mystery: building up the Grail Castle in ourselves. Confessing ourselves more and more in faithfulness to the highest!

Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the Holy Nights given to Herbert Hahn
Translation from German by Laura Zanutto 2015 and Mark Willan 2016

11. Heilige Nacht

3./4. Januar – Skorpion

Die elfte Nacht: Der Kampf mit dem Hüter der Schwelle.

Mysterium: Die Gralsburg in uns aufbauen. Sich immer mehr in Treue zum höchsten bekennen! R. Steiner

Eleventh Contemplation: Kristina Kaine

The highest we can attain while living on this earth is a resurrection experience. This can be experienced many times during the day, it can be experienced over weeks and months, and it can be a significant experience during these Holy Nights.

Anastasis is the Greek word for resurrection and in the verb form it means ‘to cause to stand or rise up’. Mankind stands on two feet because of the I Am, and it is the I Am which distinguishes us from all other life forms, and which makes us human. We do not fully experience this I Am at this stage in our evolution but we are increasingly becoming aware of it. This is what Steiner means when he says, “Confessing ourselves more and more in faithfulness to the highest!”

The I Am is the highest experience we can have and we can only have it because Jesus was born on Christmas day and will be baptised at Epiphany on January 6th. These are the two pillars of the Holy Nights. Only when we are able to integrate our I Am into our soul will we have the resurrection experience.

The first sign of this is a feeling of anxiety, we feel as though we are being taken over by something greater than ourselves. The second sign is the resurrection of willing, feeling and thinking. What takes place in our soul automatically without thinking about it now becomes conscious. We become able to control our will, direct our feelings and think much more purposefully.

When we begin to see signs of this we will meet the Guardian of the Threshold. This Guardian is a being we have created through all our actions during every incarnation we have ever lived on this earth. At first we will only have glimpses of it, gradually we will prove that we are strong enough to experience it fully.

How do we prove this? By creating imaginations of what it will be like. If we don’t think we have the courage to do it then we can turn to Christ just like Jesus did. Jesus was the first human being to integrate his I Am, Christ is the archetype of the I Am. They know exactly what it is all about so why wouldn’t we turn to them and seek their advice? They want nothing more in the whole universe than for each of us to go through this experience, and they are there for us. We just need to know they are there holding out their hands to strengthen us and give us courage.

The Resurrection by Raphael

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