The Riddle of the Human ‘I’

The riddle of the human ‘I’ is a riddle indeed.

It is a riddle that we are called to solve now more than ever before. Sergei Prokofieff sheds much light on this riddle in all his books as he unwraps Rudolf Steiner’s descriptions of the ‘I’. Usually it is referred to as ego and Ego but sometimes this becomes confusing. This is why I call it the ‘I’ and the ‘I Am’. I give some clues to the riddle in my book “I Connecting”

In 2011, a few years before he died, Sergei put together a little book called the “Riddle of the Human ‘I'” The first two chapters are from Addenda 1 published in “Anthroposophy and the Philosophy of Freedom” to which is added a third chapter called “The Significance of the Earthly Ego”. This little book is an I-Bible, I highly recommend it.

In all his books Sergei speaks of the three egos, the earthly ego, the Higher Self and the True Self. Distinguishing between these three is important work for each of us.

Sergei begins chapter 1 with this important quote which, for me, places the mighty Cosmic Being referred to as Christ in true perspective.

‘The true name of Christ is “I am”; who does not know or does not understand this and calls Him by another name does not know anything about Him. “I am” is His only name.’ (GA 266/1.) See also the lecture of 9 January 1912 in GA 130.

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Riddle of the Human ‘I’

I Connecting

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