Seventh Sunday – Easter April 21, 2019

May the purpose and power of Easter continue to grow within you.

Rudolf Steiner said this about the I AM almost a Century ago.

“I gaze into the Darkness.
In it there arises Light —
Living Light!
Who is this Light in the Darkness?
It is I myself in my reality.
This reality of the ‘I’
Does not enter into my earthly life.
I am but a picture of it.
But I shall find it again
When with good will for the Spirit
I shall have passed through the Gate of Death.

Entering ever and again into a meditative saying of this kind, we can confront the Darkness. We realize that here on Earth we are only a picture of our true Being — that our true Being never comes down into the earthly life. Yet in the midst of the Darkness, through our good will towards the Spirit, a Light can dawn upon us, of which we may in truth confess: This Light am I myself in my reality.” Rudolph Steiner “Man As A Picture of The Living Spirit”, London, 2nd September, 1923

Our true self, our I AM, may never come down into our earthly life but we can, through our own volition, connect with it and let it influence us. This is what Golgotha is all about. These are the thoughts that have filled us with new life from the beginning of Lent till Easter.

Calvary by Odilon Redon

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  1. LO ….the Light in the darkness dawns the Rising SUN/SON…….on THIS Saturday (Saturn )( the Christ imploded Atomically …causing the Extraordinary inexplicable Miraculous Divine Miracles and Phenomena relating to the Turin Shroud ,and the head cloth ….See Barry Shwartz and his discoveries using NASA technology .The details defy scientific explanation….2 footprints are noted …on the shroud that show the body of Jesus the Christ was standing upright .- Ressurrected….leading to Ressurrection Sunday…THE most Life Saving Event in history…..Hold fast to that which is GOOD….Bear the Christ ….with Humility……KNOW HE LOVES YOU Unconditionally……..MORIAH BASSON……

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