Because we are currently developing our will-forces it is very hard to understand what they really are. In our body we find them in our movement – internal and external – and in our soul we find them as our intentions. We can also associate the will with the forces of birth – including giving birth to ourselves. Then we become ‘self-born’ – monogenes is the word used in the New Testament to describe this process.

As self-born we move from being the Son of God and become the Son of man. Serge Prokofieff explains by quoting Steiner’s amazing words ….

“Before we consider the difference between being a Son of man and a Son of God perhaps we should try to consider the nature of God. Sergei Prokofieff quotes from a very early essay written by Rudolf Steiner called ‘Nature and Our Ideals’.

‘We should finally admit that the God who a humanity of the past pictured as living in the clouds dwells in our heart, in our spirit. In full self-renunciation, He poured himself out completely into mankind. As to His own will, He chose to retain nothing, for He willed to have descendants that govern freely over themselves. He has been absorbed in the world. Human will is His will; the goals of humans are His goals.’ (GA 30.) Anthroposophy and the Philosophy of Freedom page 111.” Kristina Kaine “Who is Jesus : What is Christ?” Vol 3

World Love by Iris Yves

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