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Michaelmas Preparation

We can find much information in the Book of Revelation to assist us to prepare for Michaelmas on September 29

“We could compare this threshold of consciousness [which we are currently experiencing] to being on a vast open beach. Here we can free up our old way of thinking and play with new ideas that come to us. When we experience this openness in our consciousness we will be able to see the beast rising out of the sea. This beast, therion, is a wild beast. So out of the sea of our emotions we will now have the strength to face the contents of our soul. We will see the various animal or astral expressions that have dominated our soul over lifetimes. …

As long as we rest in our lower being with its animal instincts – which are in fact the base forces in our astral body – we are a playground for the beast. Tempers can flare, insults can fly, passions rage. We are self-absorbed and unable to express higher love. We give people blasphemous labels showing our disrespect for our fellow human beings – sometimes publicly but especially privately. However, when we stand on the sand of sea all this is revealed to us and we must quickly turn to the Lamb who stands at our side reminding us that seeing it, heals it.” Kristina Kaine Ideas about Rev 13:1-6

Quoted from my book…/…/B00H6WHOK4
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