Book of Revelation – Guidance for Life

The Book of Revelation can guide us through troubling times. It helps us find a peaceful place within ourselves to observe what is really happening. Life on earth is specifically planned to assist human beings to become god beings. Revelation assists us to manage the changes.

Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven, wrapped in a cloud, with a rainbow over his head, and his face was like the sun, and his legs like pillars of fire. Rev 10:1

Since angels are messengers then we could assume that this strong, ischus, angel is portraying a weighty idea to us. What emerges in our mind when we paint the image of this strong being with a cloud cast, periballo, around it, with a sun-like face, a rainbow halo and fiery legs? What message does this image carry?

Rudolf Steiner puts forward an interesting concept about this in his lectures to the first Christian Community Priests in 1924, five months before his death – published as The Book of Revelation and the work of the priest (p197ff).

Steiner describes this being as “the most significant appearance that present-day humanity ought to be contemplating.” This image has much to reveal about the current state of human consciousness. It is our task at present to work on our ability to become aware, conscious, of the mystery of the human being. Yet all around us there is evidence that humanity is groping in the dark. When our financial markets are in such crisis as they are at present, we face the great question of what is our purpose. Money is the god of this world and when its value is diminished it leaves us wondering where true value may lie.

Furthermore, alarms bells surely ring when manufacturers of baby food water down milk and then add a chemical used to produce plastic (melamine) to make the milk appear richer in protein than it actually is. What value do these manufacturers place on human life?

Or is it not about that? Does it have to do with consciousness? Are business decisions being made in an unbalanced way in both these examples? To answer this question we must look more closely at our developing consciousness.

Steiner says that humanity as a whole is crossing the threshold into the spiritual worlds. This means that we now have the opportunity to see the hidden spiritual forces at work in the world. We have been groping around but now we have the opportunity to see. What individual human beings have achieved in the past in terms of raising their consciousness, humanity as a whole is now experiencing. This is a rite of passage which occurs as we experience the influence of our ‘I’ in our being. Some of us are aware of this to a lesser or greater extent, others are totally unconscious of it. One of the signs of having access to our ‘I’, but not being conscious of it, is that we have the courage to do things that no one dared to do before. For example, manipulating financial markets to the point where they tumble like a house of cards, and manufacturing poisonous baby food. Other signs are the degradation of the human being through drugs, violence and sex.

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