Holy Night 10 – 2021

January 2-3 – Libra

The night in which the greatest sacrifice grows from service: learning to listen to the inner voice and the signs of divinity, and to hear them obediently.

Mystery: the voice calling in us through our various incarnations. Its clarity grows through sacrifice and decision.

Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the Holy Nights given to Herbert Hahn
Translation from German by Laura Zanutto 2015 and Mark Willan 2016

  1. Heilige Nacht

2./3. Januar – Waage

Die Nacht, in der aus dem Dienen das größte Opfer erwächst, Gehorsam-Horchen-Hören lernen, auf die innere Stimme und das Zeichen des Göttlichen.

Mysterium: Der Rufer in uns durch die verschiedenen Inkarnationen hindurch: Seine Klarheit nimmt zu durch Opfer und Entscheidung.  Rudolf Steiner

Tenth Contemplation: Kristina Kaine

As we live on this material earth it is important that we learn to recognize signs of divinity. Divinity is the expression of the Divine Being that underpins all creation, and as humanity has changed over eons, so has the expression of this Divine Being.

In his Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts, written towards the end of his life, Rudolf Steiner spoke clearly about this Being.

“The Divine Being which will thus shine forth through Humanity will no longer be the same Divine Being which was once the Cosmos. In its passage through Humanity, the Divine-Spiritual will come to a realization of Being which it could not manifest before. […]In the modern conception of Nature man has no relation to the Divine, but only to the accomplished Work. With all that is imparted to the human soul by this science of Nature, man can unite himself either with the powers of Christ or with the dominions of Ahriman.” Anthroposophical Leading Thought 112 The Activity of Michael and the Future of Mankind

Particularly important are the words, “In its passage through Humanity, the Divine-Spiritual will come to a realization of Being which it could not manifest before.” This speaks directly of the passage of Christ through the Jesus being. It also speaks of the passage of Christ through our being. This is “the voice calling in us through our various incarnations.”

When we decide to listen for the inner voice we will hear it. It is our decision. When this decision is pure and clear it activates Christ, the Divine Being, within us. If our decision is based on ego, the anti-force, the dominions of Ahriman will be activated. We are called to sacrifice our ego, it has served us well on this earth but now it’s task is complete.

Our goal is to have conversations with Christ, he will give us the clarity we need to step into the future.

Art: Madonna and Child Crowned with Angels by Lorenzo Lotto

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