Importance of Understanding the Christ Event

As I often say, understanding Christ is essential and it can only be done here on earth. The Mystery of Golgotha takes place in each one of us, and if we become conscious of this, even to a small extent, we will awaken the inner presence of Christ. He will then lead us to the truth, and according to our ability, we will understand it. Our ability arises out of the agape level of love we have within us.

“Christ has become the companion of man on earth and the event of Golgotha, if one understands it as the unique death of a god, is what prevents us from confronting emptiness in the Sun period. The other initiates are human beings who through a number of incarnations have developed themselves in a special way. Christ had never been on the earth before His advent but dwelt in realms where there is no death. He is the only one among the gods who has learned to know death.

Therefore, in order to become acquainted with the Christ one has to understand His death, and because this is essential the Mystery of Golgotha can be understood only on earth where death exists. We do not experience the Christ in higher worlds if we have not gained a relationship to Him on earth. We find His place empty during the Sun period. If, however, we are able to take the Christ impulse with us, then the throne in the Sun is not empty. Then we find the Christ consciously.”

Rudolf Steiner Life Between Death and Rebirth Lecture 14 Further Facts About Life Between Death and Rebirth, April 5, 1913

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