Imbued with Christ

It is so important for us to understand the Christ being. Many religions misrepresent him, making it harder for us to come to a true understanding of this magnificent being. And, he needs our help as Rudolf Steiner explains in this lecture published in The Sun Mystery and the Mystery of Death and Resurrection.

“Those who know about the Christ – and especially those who know that the Christ lives in them, that is, those who have experienced Paul’s “not I , but the Christ in me” – take with them not only information about the Earth itself but also information about human beings and their life in in earthly bodies. The contributions of Christians complement those of Hindus, Buddhists, and others. Of course, it is becoming increasingly necessary for human beings to carry all of the mysteries that they can experience in and through themselves into the heavens. In other words, it is becoming ever more important for human beings to be completely imbued with the Christ. Above all else, however, it is important for the heavenly worlds to receive what human beings can experience only through Christianity and in the company of other human beings on Earth.” Rudolf Steiner 26 March, 1922

Art: Transformation by Alexander Ivanov

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  1. Ran

    Thank You for this inspiring message.

    One of the blessings (& silver linings) of COVID has been the increase of community and opportunities online. I retired at the end of 2019 and in combination with the above I am more able to (work on myself, my consciousness level, and …) increase in the Christ with in me

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