Lent: Third Sunday

How to Find Angels in the Earth.

If our striving for spiritual understanding is to be fruitful, it must have a practical application. Simply to read spiritual information and not integrate it into our thought-life will not result in understanding. We know that 1+1 = 2 but we know it better if we have a piece of cake and cut it into two and share it with a friend.

To develop our relationship with the Angels we have to work at applying what we know in a practical way. The faculty of Spiritual Imagination is not the only way to perceive Angels. Firstly, think of the make-up of the human being; physical, etheric, astral and ‘I’. The Angels are one level above us and their first expression is etheric, then astral, ‘I’ and Spirit Self or Manas. Read more about this in the Spiritual Hierarchies, Lecture 7, April 16, 1909

Angels do not have a physical expression as we have a physical body, but they do use something in this physical world so that they can connect with us. “Their sense organs are to be found in the mineral, physical world … Our precious stones are the Angels’ sense organs!” Rudolf Steiner April 28, 1908

How extraordinary! Angels’ eyes are found in the mineral world. Steiner goes on to say that their sense of touch or feeling comes to expression in chalcedony, and their sense of sight in chrysolite. If we take this information and become filled with wonder as we gaze at chalcedony or chrysolite we will create a deeper relationship with our own Guardian Angel and all the other Angels who work to keep harmony and balance in evolution. Just as we feel enabled when someone recognizes our work, they too will feel supported by our efforts to create a tangible relationship with them.

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