Holy Night 7 applied to July

December 30-31 – Cancer

The serpent on the sword pommel: wisdom. We should busy ourselves with uplifting readings. It is the night of the great command.

The mystery of activity: who exercises command over our soul? Who is the master of our soul, the doer of our deeds? We have the freedom to strengthen the goodwill in ourselves.

Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the Holy Nights given to Herbert Hahn
Translation from German by Laura Zanutto 2015 adjusted by Mark Willan 2016

  1. Heilige Nacht

30./31. –  Krebs

Die Schlange am Schwertknauf: Weisheit. Man soll sich mit erhebender Lektüre beschäftigen. Es ist die Nacht des großen Befehles.

Das Mysterium der Tätigkeit: Wer befiehlt über unsere Seele? Wer ist der Herr unserer Seele, der Täter unserer Taten? Wir haben die Freiheit, den guten Willen in uns zu stärken.

Seventh Contemplation: Kristina Kaine

Who is the master of our soul? A question we can ask ourselves each day. The answer will depend on what the day presents to us. Our ultimate goal is for Christ to be the master of our soul, Rudolf Steiner says, “We must let his love become a real being in us.”

Continuing with the words Rudolf Steiner spoke to his Esoteric Class students on September 24, 1907:

“So that we could become aware of our self, our spirit, so that we could become spirit-beings ourself, this high sun-spirit sacrificed himself, left his royal abode, descended from the sun and took on physical raiment in the earth.

Thus he is physically crucified in the earth. But he spiritually embraces the earth with his light and his love power, and everything that lives on it belongs to him. He’s only waiting for us to want to belong to him. If we give ourselves to him completely then he’ll not only give us his physical life, but also his higher spiritual sun-life. Then he streams through us with his divine light-spirit, with his warming waves of love and with his creative God’s will.

We can only be what he gives us, what he makes out of us. Everything about us that corresponds to the divine plan is his work. What can we do in addition to this? Nothing but to let him work in us. It’s only if we resist his love that he can’t work in us. But how could we resist this love? Resist him who says: “I have always loved you and have drawn you to me out of pure goodness.” He has loved us since the earth’s very beginning. We must let his love become a real being in us. Real life, spirit and bliss are only possible if this life becomes real life for us, becomes Christ’s life in us. We can’t become pure and holy by ourselves, but only through this Christ-life.”

Art: Coronation of the Virgin by Lorenzo Monaco

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