The purpose of Michaelmas is to Awaken us to the Presence of Christ.

September 29 is the day we acknowledge the presence of the Archangel Michael in evolution. This Archangel has been present down the ages in the story of St George and the Dragon. Whenever stories like this accompany us, we can be sure they contain an important message only revealed to us when we apply ourselves to unraveling the ideas.

Put simply, the Archangel Michael sent the dragon (Ahriman) down into the physical sphere specifically to give us the opportunity to resist his mesmerizing, materialistic activity. We understand the strengthening that comes from overcoming adversity. This dragon constantly singes us with his fiery breath so that we will be motivated to reach up to Archangel Michael who stands in the spiritual dimension of this Universe. Michael then shows us the vista of creation and our place in it.

Michael’s sole purpose is to reveal the presence and power of Christ in us, in this earth and in the entire Universe. Michael stands as the Guardian of the Mystery of Golgotha. He was the ruling Archangel then, and he has returned to rule this age now as we personally go through the inner mystery of Golgotha.

How do we do this? We start by recognizing that the earth is Christ’s body. From the moment his blood flowed from the fully Christ-ened Jesus on the cross, this earth – everything in it and on it – became his body. Every single thing we eat and drink is part of the body of Christ. Our relationship with Christ can never be through a vague mystical feeling; it can only be through clearest Michaelic thinking. This begins with faith, pistis, which means knowing that our whole body, formed by our intake of food, is comprised of Christ. Every cell, every molecule, and especially our blood is Christ whether we like it or not.

Michaelmas is the time of year when we can truly contemplate the meaning of these facts and awaken our senses to the presence of Christ within us and in this earth.

“The right form of union with Christ, is at the same time the right form of safeguard against Ahriman.” The Michael Mystery: Michael-Christ in Man Ch 7 by Rudolf Steiner 27.9.1915

The Angel Standing In Sun by Turner 1846

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