Archangel Michael

Michaelmas 2023

The Festival of Archangel Michael is not celebrated much today but the time is coming to revive it once more. How soon this will be we cannot tell, but first there is a condition to be met. We can only revive this Michael Festival if esoteric truth lives in us. Esoteric truth is simply knowledge of the inner spirit, the spirit hidden in everything. Esoteric truth tells us that we are not simply beings made up of matter, that we are also beings of soul and spirit. More than that; that we can identify what is soul and what is spirit and use this knowledge in our daily life. Even more than that; that others will recognize the esoteric truth that shines from us and they will search to make esoteric truth live in themselves. This happens not through our preaching, but through our example.

If esoteric truth is to live in more and more people there are two important issues which we must acknowledge.

Firstly, many people are afraid of esoteric truth. There is a deep memory in their soul that esoteric truth is unattainable. It could be that they were persecuted or even murdered for their esoteric beliefs in a past life. When the church abolished information about the human spirit in the middle ages, people still experienced this spirit and wanted to share their experience. If they did so they were punished by torture or death. As a result, an unconscious fear arises in some people and they lack the courage to experience esoteric truth in their soul. In actual fact, they reject esoteric truth.

Secondly, there are others who accept esoteric truth, but their soul remains untouched – they are indifferent to it. They are happy to read esoteric lectures but they read them as if they were reading a magazine, skimming over the words without giving them a second thought. Through an act of will we must intentionally engage with esoteric truth.

Esoteric truth must ignite a spark within our whole being; body, soul and spirit. We will feel like we have received an electric shock and our being will be altered, our heart will beat as if it is in love, not from the presence of a lover but in response to spiritual truth. This is Michael Power.

From the book Secrets of the Christian Festivals by Kristina Kaine

Art: Archangel Michael by Werner Tolksdorf

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