Holy Night 6

December 29-30 – Gemini

Now follow the three nights of the sword.

Peter’s night. Night of the consecration of the sword. Each of us must forge his or her own sword of discernment. Each of us must unite our spiritual will with the eternal, the immortal, and the perishable, and in this way we shall recognize the truth.

Mystery: Bring together the Son of God with the Son of Man – Unity.

Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the Holy Nights given to Herbert Hahn
Translation from German by Laura Zanutto 2015 adjusted by Mark Willan 2016

  1. Heilige Nacht

29./30.  –  Zwillinge

Die drei Nächte des Schwertes.

Petrus-Nacht. Nacht der Schwertweihe. Jeder muss sich das Schwert der Unterscheidung selbst schmieden. Jeder muss mit gesteigerter Willenskraft die beiden Stücke, das Todlose, Ewige und das Vergängliche zusammenschmieden, um die Wahrheit kennen zu lernen.

Mysterium: Gottessohn mit Menschensohn verschmelzen. Einssein!

Sixth Contemplation: by Kristina Kaine

Of the three soul forces, the will is the most mysterious. In our lives we deal with two kinds of will; one which is connected to nature and the forces of dissolution and destruction, the other which is connected to spirit and the constructive forces of the earth.

We find the earthly will in our digestive system and other bodily movements – we can’t be conscious of it nor interfere with it, it has a job to do. It is the spiritual will that we can wield like a sword. The sword is directed by our moral impulses making us an integral part of the cause and effect that creates this world. We have accepted a great responsibility by taking control of our own will. We were given this responsibility when Christ entered into the earth to give us personal possession of our I Am.

So what is morality? It is greatly misrepresented and has little to do with what we do, but rather how we do it. Our activity can only be moral when our happiness is not acquired at the expense of others. So if we are happy to have a new iPad which was made in a factory where the workers are badly treated, or we are happy to buy the cheapest food produced by animals that are badly treated and so on, we are caught up in a web of immorality. Acts of morality arise when our deeds originate from our interest in other people. Morality arises out of love, the purest, highest love and respect for others. 2011

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Art: Guardians of the Nativity by Brian Jekel

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