First Sunday of Lent

Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do”. Luke 23:34

If we truly love, we truly forgive. The action is contained in the words – for giving. We live to give in every way possible. Giving is about releasing something from our possession. Jesus focuses on the deed he is taking part in rather than blaming those chosen out of eternity to crucify him.

The Father is a principle to describe all that endures. One thing that endures is our I Am and so we find the Father principle in our I Am. We etch all our deeds into this aspect of ourselves. With every worrying memory, we continually rewrite all that we do not forgive.

“When Jesus says, “Father forgive them” is he asking for forgiveness of those who are crucifying him or is he asking for eternal forgiveness for these destructive forces? Forgive is aphes, which means dismiss or release. This is our continual task, to release the destructive forces within our consciousness. This is not about the removal of the forces; it is about the inner activity required of us to restore balance. The more we can do that, the better we are able to do it. We could even say that until we get good at it we will have many challenges thrown at us to help us get better at it. It also means that until we do this these forces are held captive within us.” Kristina Kaine, Who is Jesus : What is Christ? Volume 5


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