Advent Week Two

Imagining ourselves as a mother, prayerfully cradling her offspring beneath her heart, sets the tone for Advent. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven. The true imagination of the offspring involves the idea that our Cosmic I Am-being sends part of itself to... Read More

Advent Week One

Advent stretches over the 4 week period leading up to Christmas which marks the birth of Jesus. The arrival of Jesus didn’t happen once and for all time 2,000 plus years ago, it is a continual event in our lives. During December we have the opportunity to replay this event... Read More


What about the smallpox vaccine? This is a peculiar case. You see, if you vaccinate someone who is an anthroposophist and has been anthroposophically trained, it does no harm. (alternative: You see, if you vaccinate someone who is an anthroposophist, or bring someone up anthroposophically, it does no harm.) It only harms those... Read More


This is a beautiful prayer from my mentor and teacher, Rev Mario Schoenmaker Lord, we have prayed much and yet not enough. We have prayed with words, with deeds, with thoughts; we have prayed with our will, with our emotions and, Lord, we realise that this may not be enough.... Read More

Death is an awakening

Now more than ever it is important to grasp the true experience of death. No longer afraid of it but embracing it as part of life – spiritual life. “The moment of death is of extraordinary significance. Death is something which most distinctly has two totally different aspects. Regarded here... Read More

Michael Prayer

Michael Prayer ‘Let us then set to work to discipline our will, let us endeavor to awaken within us each morning and each evening.’ In the Morning O Michael, Under your protection I place myself, With your guidance I connect myself, Wholeheartedly, So that this day becomes an image Of... Read More

Mystery of Water and Wine

The Bible contains so many hidden mysteries. These words I wrote some years ago about the mystery of the water and the wine. The first thing we hear is not that the wine has failed, but that “they have no wine”, there is a lack of wine. Hustereo is the... Read More

Holy Night 9 for September

January 1-2 – Virgo Now come the three nights of the crown. Release from the only intellectual, or release of the intellect from its earthly bonds and purposefulness. This is the thrice-holy night, in which the lower ego falls away and only the desire to serve, to devote oneself, remains.... Read More