Preparing for Michaelmas

One way to prepare for Michaelmas is to “stop and smell the flowers” more often. Not only that, but to appreciate our whole environment from which we receive sustenance for the life of our body, soul and spirit. “Do not look at the flowers so abstractly, nor form such abstract... Read More

Archangel Michael Mysteries

I am immersing myself in the Archangel Michael Mysteries to prepare for his Festival at the end of September. Sergei Prokofieff’s last book, written before his death on 26 July, 2015, The Michael Mystery is an inspiration. Freedom and Intellectually – the gifts of Michael “There is one more magnificent... Read More

Michaelmas preparation

The next Christian Festival we will celebrate is Michaelmas at the end of September. This gives us plenty of time to create imaginations of the work of this mighty being Archangel Michael. He has traveled into our midst in the story of St George and the Dragon. The story of... Read More

St John’s Tide

“St John’s festival reminds us that complacency and prejudice will destroy us, and destroy this world. The struggle for knowledge, the striving to experience spiritual reality, brings its rewards. This knowledge must be logical, not convoluted and confusing. This knowledge awakens in us a love so powerful that all things... Read More

St John’s Tide approaches

“With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Mt 19:26 St John’s Festival is the time for us to truly believe that Christ within us can achieve anything. Of course it is not just a matter of positive thinking to accept that all things are possible... Read More

St John’s Tide approaches

When the bible tells us that God is love it indicates that love is a substance, a creative substance through which all things are possible. The more love within us, the more fertile we are. Place yourself in this story which Luke describes (see Luke 1:1-25). Imagine being born the... Read More

Holy Night 7 applied to July

December 30-31 – Cancer The serpent on the sword pommel: wisdom. We should busy ourselves with uplifting readings. It is the night of the great command. The mystery of activity: who exercises command over our soul? Who is the master of our soul, the doer of our deeds? We have... Read More

St John’s Tide approaches

The first thing we encounter when we connect up with our spirit is the need for brotherhood and community. It is the astral that says it doesn’t need a community, that we can find the Christ Impulse ourselves, for Christ is accessible to anyone and everyone. This may bear some... Read More