Lent Week 2

Second Sunday of Lent “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.” Luke 23:43 What is paradise? Is it a place? It might be more accurate to say that it is a condition of consciousness. It is a spiritual condition from which we came, and... Read More

Holy Night 3 for March

December 26-27 – Pisces Now follow the 3 nights of the white lily. The soul recognizes that it cannot stay above but must come down again because in it, it possesses too much earthly weight. The conscious mind begins to purify the earthly body and assumes that each food is... Read More

First Sunday of Lent

Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do”. Luke 23:34 If we truly love, we truly forgive. The action is contained in the words – for giving. We live to give in every way possible. Giving is about releasing something from our possession. Jesus... Read More

Lent Begins with Ash Wednesday

Lent – Contemplating The Seven Sayings From the Cross Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday is a love story and in 2018 it fell on Valentine’s Day. Many people give something up for Lent, I prefer to take something up. Since the beginning of Lent coincides with Valentine’s Day this year, I... Read More

Epiphany – January 6

The festival of Epiphany which celebrates the baptism of Jesus occurs on the sixth of January and so we should skip forward a few verses and look at the account of the baptism in the four Gospels. The word epiphany is a combination of two words, epi, meaning on to,... Read More

Holy Night 13

Now we come to the 13th Holy Night. On the first Holy Night we celebrated the birth of Jesus. This birth awakened the deep memory within us of who we really are. It meant that we could touch the purity of our being as we were before we ever incarnated... Read More

Holy Night 12

January 4-5 – Sagittarius During the 12th night the crowns won are placed at the feet of the divine, because we have struggled against ourselves, but what we have wrung from it is grace, is the law of the spirit. Because grace is a stream from a source that a... Read More

Holy Night 11

January 3-4 – Scorpio The eleventh night: the struggle with the Guardian of the Threshold. Mystery: building up the Grail Castle in ourselves. Confessing ourselves more and more in faithfulness to the highest! Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the Holy Nights given to Herbert Hahn Translation from German by Laura Zanutto... Read More