Holy Night 5 applied to May

December 28-29 – Taurus Consciously purify the body of thought. Discipline thinking. Concentrating on the positive. Converting the black doves of thought into white doves, because our thinking is, until it is not consciously conducted with discipline, like a dovecote! Keep this dovecote closed against foreign, negative thoughts. Mystery: The... Read More

Lent: Sixth Sunday

 Our Guardian Angel and Palm Sunday Through the weeks of Lent we have considered ideas to assist us to have a genuine experience of our Guardian Angel. These ideas have shown that this relationship is not static; it changes as we develop our understanding of the spiritual world. This spiritual... Read More

Lent: Fifth Sunday

How to Collaborate With Our Guardian Angel How often do we think about the effect of our deeds on the future? We all know that if we save money today, at some future point we will have enough money to buy something we want. But, how often do we think... Read More

Lent: Fourth Sunday

Does Our Guardian Angel Understand Us? If we are to have a genuine relationship with our Guardian Angel we have to be clear about the purpose of this Angel. There is a beautiful prayer that we can pray every day to strengthen our relationship with our Guardian Angel. This prayer... Read More

Holy Night 4 applied to Aries

December 27-28 – Aries Consciously purify the astral body: antipathy and sympathy are converted into universal love. Passions and desires keep silent. The power of Christ penetrates with his light and his strength what is Luciferic in us. Mystery: The work on ourselves serves the best interests of the whole.... Read More

Lent: Third Sunday

How to Find Angels in the Earth. If our striving for spiritual understanding is to be fruitful, it must have a practical application. Simply to read spiritual information and not integrate it into our thought-life will not result in understanding. We know that 1+1 = 2 but we know it... Read More

Lent: Second Sunday

How to Create Imaginations of Our Guardian Angel If we are to seriously work with our Guardian Angel we need to create an Imagination of this Angel. Imagination is a spiritual faculty that we train ourselves to experience through our thinking. We do this by using our will to create... Read More

Infection is caused by ….

I came across this Rudolf Steiner lecture recently published in “The Presence of the Dead” Chapter 3. Awakening Spiritual Thoughts given in 5 May 1914. At the core of Steiner’s ideas is the effect of fear of infection. “However, the important point we want to make today is that... Read More