Becoming more and more conscious

Becoming more conscious is our true task. As we become more conscious many mysteries are revealed to us. “One who truly grasps what occultism can reveal to him about man’s relation to the world of the stars can say with sincerity and understanding the prayer that might be worded somewhat... Read More

Christ in you

If we do not receive the Christ impulse, our etheric body will become less and less capable of drawing from the Sun sphere the forces that build and sustain it, enabling it to work in the right way here on the earth. Earthly life is really not dependent upon theoretical... Read More

Do we sense the sacred mystery in each other?

“The greatest contribution to the development of spiritual life and culture will be accomplished when human beings meet in such a way that each presupposes and then senses the occultly hidden in the other. Then will the right relationship be established from man to man, and love will permeate the... Read More

Christ in everyone

Christ belongs to every human being regardless of race or creed. We can be a Buddhist and experience Christ – and, without Buddha Christ could not have entered into Jesus. “Christ has sown His spirit-seed in every human soul, and progress consists in the souls of men becoming conscious of... Read More

Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development now occurs within us, through our own efforts, and according to our connection with our I Am. Rudolf Steiner explains this clearly in the following words. “Since the year 1899, however, such happenings (spiritual awakening) have taken on a more intimate character. They are less outward and the... Read More

St John’s Day

The Four Sacrifices of Christ and St John’s Day As we celebrate the birth of John the Baptist each year on June 24, we recognize his role in the entrance of Christ into this earth. This is not usually given the recognition it deserves. This is perhaps because Christ’s role... Read More

Holy Night 7 applied to July

Holy Night 7 December 30-31 – Cancer The serpent on the sword pommel: wisdom. We should busy ourselves with uplifting readings. It is the night of the great command. The mystery of activity: who exercises command over our soul? Who is the master of our soul, the doer of our... Read More